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photo restoration

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photo restoration

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Make damaged photos as good as new – or better!

Bring new life to faded or damaged photos with our digital image restoration services. We can fix cracks and tears, liquid damage of all varieties including stains and spots. The color can be altered to true black and white or old time sepia. We can even add or remove people or change the background. Your original materials never leave our store. They are scanned and digital files are created. Then our expert technicians go to work to create the restored photograph. All work is done electronically and your photograph is not compromised in any way.

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Photo Restoration

Light Restoration


  • Light damage to non-detail area. Lightly damaged originals, light scratches and spots, with up to three minor repairs from the major area.

Medium Restoration


Includes one of the following:

  • Color enhancement or colorization of intact photo.

  • Add or delete one person in a group.

  • Change background with one person.

  • Restore up to three major areas with light scratches or spots but not affecting the subject.

Medium/Heavy Restoration


Includes one of the following:

  • Tear through the photo affecting but not obliterating the subject.

  • Light Restoration plus color enhancement.

  • Repair lightly damaged original and change from oval to portrait.

  • Background change plus add or remove one person.

Heavy Restoration

$50 per person

Includes one of the following:

  • Extensive spotting, scratches, or tears to entire photo.

  • Extensive damage to detailed area plus color enhancement/colorization.

  • Restoration work plus background change and/or colorization.

  • Any photo with heavy staining or fading.

Group/Heavy Restoration


Extensive damage to photo with three or more people to include;

  • Spotting, scratches, tears, fading, stains, colorizations, or background changes.

Retouch Glamorize


  • From bluer eyes to thinner thighs, the sky’s the limit - think fashion magazines.

Add Text


One Touch Restore Color


  • Restore old faded photographs using the algorithms built into our software packages.

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