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Image Scanning

Scanning is the process of converting hard copy images including prints, slides, and negatives to digital files. We put your scanned images on a DVD or CD for permanent storage, easy sharing, and printing. We can even prepare a DVD slide show for fun and easy presentation on your TV!

Shoebox Photo Print Scans

This is an easy and affordable way to preserve all of your prints as treasured memories. It is inexpensive to make additional copies to be shared with friends and relatives. You then can use your DVD or CD to view the photos or have prints made.


  • Up to 250 Prints to CD $49.99 (Additional Prints: $20 each)

  • 500 or More Prints to DVD $0.15 each

  • For DVD Slide Show Add $49.99

  • Additional CD’s $5.95 each

  • Additional DVD’s $9.95 each

  • Additional DVD’s $9.95 each

Prints that are damaged, mounted, smaller than wallet or larger than 8x12 is an additional $1.00 each

Scan Prints, Slides & Negatives

High Resolution Scans from Prints or Slides

negative scans
Up to 20
$3.00 each
20 or more
100 or more
** 100 or more price not available on cut or odd size negatives
print scans to disc
Same prices for Scans as above
Files authored to CD
$5.99 each
Files authored to DVD
$9.99 each
DVD Slideshow of prints
$49.99 each
print scans
Up to 8x10
$3.00 each
Up to 11x17
$6.00 each
11x17 & up
$12 per sq ft
*This is only price for Scans of prints. Price of photo from scans depends on size of print requested. See additional price sheet for Photo prices
more scans
1-19 Images per Order
$3.00 ea.
20-99 Images per Order
$1.50 ea.
100 or more Images per Order
$.50 ea.
  • Files authored to CD are 5.95 ea.

  • Files authored to DVD are 9.95 ea.

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