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Camera repairs, clean & check

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repairs, clean & check

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Camera cleaning & check

Our in - house clean and check services remove dust and dirt which accumulate over time during normal use and operation. We also do a thorough check of all the operating features of your camera to identify problems which may affect its ability to deliver quality results.

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Camera Repairs, Clean & Check

Digital SLR/Mirrorless Camera

$89.99 per camera

Includes cleaning of CCD, external cleaning of camera body and one lens. We will attempt to remove all dust from mirror chamber. Dust in the prism, above the focusing screen can not be removed without disassembly of camera. This requires factory service repair.

Sensor Clean only


Cleaning of dust and debris from the image sensor which affects picture taking. As the sensor is very delicate, severe smudging may require sending out to factory service center which will be handled on an estimate basis like a repair.

about camera repairs

Our clean and check procedure will not correct any operational issues that cause your camera to malfunction. If our technician discovers operational issues during the clean and check he/she will stop the process and notify you as to the status of the camera and your repair or replacement options. We have accounts with all the major camera companies to handle factory repairs of your older camera. We forward the repair to the appropriate facility for a shipping cost (generally 20.00, paid in advance). You will then be sent a postcard in the mail with the cost of repair which may be accepted or declined at your leisure.

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