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video transfers

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Video Transfer & Duplication

Home movies, old photographs, slides from a family vacation. These precious memories should never be forgotten. At The Camera Corner, we can create a video of these times for you to relive and treasure again and again. Great for getting organized. Even better for special times and family gatherings. No better way to make an anniversary, wedding, or graduation memorable.

  • Video tapes $14.95 each + $0.10 per minute

  • Stored on your choice of digital media

  • To our flash drive: starting at $9.99

  • To your flash drive or hard drive: No Additional Charge

  • DVD's (only up to 120 minutes per DVD): starting at $7.99 each

  • Additional copies available: See store associate

Video Transfers

Other Media Transfer Services

Transfer movie clips from your memory card, flash drive, hard drives, camcorders, CD/DVD, and phones to a storage device of your choice.

  • Memory cards, flash drives, hard drives starting at $4.95

  • Camcorders starting at $9.95

  • Phones starting at $34.99

Additional Editing Services

See store associate for full list of editing options.
Examples include:

  • Slideshow starting at $49.99

  • Video editing starting at $74.99

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movie to video transfer

Preserve your families memories by transferring you old 8mm, Super-8, and 16mm movies films to an electronic format.

movie to video transfer
8mm, Super-8, and 16mm Films
High Definition
$0.34 per ft.
8mm, Super-8, and 16mm Films
w/ Sound (Magnetic or Optical)
$0.39 per ft.
Archived to Digital Media of your choice
Starting at $9.95

  • Minimum Order Charge $24.99

  • Original films returned on original reels.

  • Archived reels and splicing available at an additional charge.

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